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Do you want to feel confident and calm about your baby's birth?

Do you want to learn strategies to feel empowered and in control on your baby's birthing day?


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What is Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is a series of classes that teaches mum (and their partner) deep relaxation, breathing techniques, visualisation, affirmations and education that empowers her to birth her baby with safety, calm and ease. 


How can Hypnobirthing help

Hypnobirthing is good for mum, her partner and for baby. It empowers women to feel calm, confident and capable. Hypnobirthing educates women so that they trust their birth, as well as feel empowered about making conscious choices around their birth and on their birthing day. 


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Meet Jaclyn

As a IVF and Pregnancy Strategist, I combine together 15 years experience of working with women as a Naturopath and Pregnancy Wellness Consultant along with my experience as a HypnoBirthing Practitioner.
As a Hypnobirthing practitioner I empower women to make conscious choices for their birth.
I am like a world explorer that has taken the journey to your desired destination. I provide the tools, guidance and knowledge of a professional, along with the insights, experience and understanding from passionately taking the journey with many other women and of course myself. I used Hypnobirthing during the calm and gentle birth of my first daughter and also during the Cesarean Section birth of my twin girls. 



Classes are undertaken in small groups of up to 5 couples. There are 5 classes which run weekly for 5 weeks in Launceston, Tasmania.
The classes are educational, interactive and fun. They are also a beautiful way to connect with each other and your baby as you prepare to welcome your baby in to the world. 

The ideal time to start classes is between 26-30 weeks so that you have ideal time to practice what you learn.We recommend booking in advance for your classes.

Course Information

Get access to information about HypnoBirthing Classes to learn more about how they can help you have the birth you dream of.


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